Purifying liver tea

Purifying liver tea

The balance of the liver

The liver helps the metabolism of all foods and drugs that enter the human body. To maintain the balance of the liver, before thinking about purifying it, try to respect its nature so as not to poison it. This is possible by trying to avoid overloading the body with medicines without doctor's advice and using drugs without any real need; in general, avoid self-medication. Maintaining your body weight in the normal way of asking your doctor for advice even when taking natural and herbal remedies is a good rule to follow. Among other practices for a healthy liver it is good to remember not to consume too much alcohol and not associate them with drugs; do not inhale spray directly; follow a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet (without fries and saturated fats such as those contained in dairy products, fatty meats and margarine) and do physical activity. Consumption of foods with saturated fats also increases blood cholesterol levels. Even smoked, grilled or burned foods are not healthy, as well as savory ones, which can instead be flavored with spices.

Foods able to purify the liver

To achieve a perfect balance of the liver it is necessary first of all to increase the consumption of foods rich in fiber, for example fruit and vegetables, and to take the right amounts of vitamins and minerals. The most useful foods to purify the liver are lemon juice, artichoke, apple, milk thistle, cabbage, blueberry, acerola (or Malpighia glabra), yeast, pollen and extra virgin olive oil raw olive. Lemon juice, in particular, is rich in ascorbic acid or vitamin C and purifies the liver. In addition to foods, even a purifying liver tea can support the balance of this organ thanks to the hepatoprotective and choleretic-cholagogue properties (that is able to facilitate the synthesis and secretion of bile) of some medicinal plants such as dandelion, the turmeric and rosemary essential oil.

Ingredients for the purifying liver tea

An example of a purifying liver tea for the liver is that with milk thistle, turmeric and cumin, excellent against digestive disorders, a diet full of fat and protein, liver fatigue caused by alcohol, drugs or drugs and hypercholesterolemia. Milk thistle is the most hepatoprotective ingredient (able to improve liver function) and has antioxidant properties that protect liver cells from the action of free radicals. Slightly soluble in water, dry extracts of silymarin are used for teas. Turmeric, like dandelion and mint, has cholagogue and choleretic properties, which helps the production of bile and its outflow towards the intestine. Cumin, on the other hand, has a carminative function, ie it is able to fight the aerophagia. The preparation to be used with the infusion method is made up of cumin fruits (10 g), turmeric rhizome (20 g), dandelion grass (30 g), milk thistle seeds (20 g) and mint leaves (20 g). 250 ml of boiling water are poured onto a spoonful of this mixture. Once the preparation has cooled, it is filtered. One to three cups can be taken herbal tea for the liver per day.

Purifying liver tea: Variants and additional ingredients

Another variant of the purifying liver tea can be prepared with turmeric rhizome, dandelion herb and yarrow and mint leaves. To this purifying liver tea you can add other accessory or optional components such as wormwood herb, licorice root, fennel fruit, cumin fruits and marigold, cornflower and common chamomile flowers. Another variant of purifying liver tea is the one with boldo (which helps fight cystitis, constipation and liver fatigue), artichoke (which is detoxifying, diuretic and lowers cholesterol and triglyceride values), milk thistle (which is a febrifuge, hepatic decongestant and cholagogue) and nettle. The detoxifying properties of this herbal tea eliminate acids and waste, allowing the body to purify itself and lose weight. It must always be remembered that herbal teas, although natural remedies, must always be taken on the advice of the doctor and with the help of an experienced herbalist.