Lawn mower robot

Lawn mower robot

Lawn mower robot

It's been about twenty years since the first mower robot models were developed and the evolution of these machines continues. The experience gained, combined with the latest generation engineering techniques, has led to the creation of quality machines; able to face the challenges to which even the most demanding of gardens can submit them. And with the right machines the result is truly perfection. Nowadays these machines do not only work on the flat, they are able to work even on slopes up to 45% and, if necessary, can be equipped with special systems to tackle the slopes, while guaranteeing an excellent result, with the grass always cut uniform. A great hand, undoubtedly, in an operation, that of cutting grass, which is not always pleasant and relaxing.

Nothing can stop it

Some mower robots have no problems with bad weather: they are designed and built to work even in the rain. This is because there are models that take measures to protect the sensitive parts of the machine from water, pieces of grass and dust. Other models are equipped with a sensor that, when it detects rain, orders the machine to return to the charging station. The most advanced systems of machine-man interface, then, through dedicated applications allow to program the work of the machine via smartphone; furthermore, in this way, with the same application the machine is able to communicate to its owner any operating anomalies. Other models are equipped with a remote control to simplify the programming operations.

But how much you cut!

Attention is also paid to noise: in the face of noisy emissions with a level of 74 dB there are absolutely silent ones, with levels varying between 58 and 65 decibels. The cutting mode is generally in zones, but some machines detect the height of the grass and cut it in the area where it is higher than the others, in an almost perpetual motion. Among the various adjustments could not miss that of the cutting height that varies from 15 to 60 mm, the operation can be performed manually or electrically. Some models are equipped with automated grass-cutting adjustments based on grass growth: these machines work less on sunny days and when it rains, to increase the work rate in those days when the grass grows the most.

Some technical data

For the safety of people and that of the vehicle, if it is lifted or tipped over, an automatism immediately stops the rotation of the blades. The areas, both those of work and those to be avoided, such as obstacles, are delimited by perimeter cables that route the lawn mower robot. All the machines have data management systems which, when they run out of power, find the way to the charging station. They are able to manage surfaces from a minimum of about 200 square meters to a maximum of 3,000 square meters, for the most sophisticated models, suitable for professional use. Depending on the size, the width of the mowing that goes from the About 28 to 56 cm, depending on the models and powers. Powers that, of course, have their own range: starting from 200 W and reaching 400 W, with a machine weight of 10 kg on the smaller ones to get to double it on more sophisticated models.