Bosch hedge trimmer

Bosch hedge trimmer

The features of the hedge trimmer

The hedge trimmer differs from others based on the characteristics, weight and type of blades. The basic characteristics of a hedge trimmer are precisely the length, the weight, the comfort of how you hold it and the power. When you need to buy a hedge trimmer, you need to take into account the performance it has. The hedge trimmer can be current-driven, with a combustion engine or battery-powered. The electric one, of course, must be connected to a socket and has a catch that keeps the blade away from the wire to avoid trouble, the one with an internal combustion engine is the most comfortable even if it is heavier. Finally, the battery-powered one is advisable when the space to be treated is not very large. In short, various products to choose based on the type of use. The important thing is to know how to choose the right type of hedge trimmer.

Bosch electric hedge trimmers: models

The Bosch brand offers a wide variety of gardening products: the range of lawn mowers is treated with products that are suitable for every type of need, from the most fussy to the simplest. The bosch 420 h electric trimmer with 45 cm blade is a very light and powerful product, used to cut hedges without any effort. The engine power is 420 W, with a blade length of 450 mm and a cutting thickness of 16 mm. Another model of hedge trimmer is available in the variant with a power of 450 W: it has an optimal balance and is also comfortable for its small size. It is appreciated by many gardeners. If your hedges are small to medium in size, the ahs 45-26 hedge trimmer is excellent, having a light structure and making work less tiring.

The Bosch hedge trimmer for you

Hedges and bushes are elements that are part of a garden: they serve to separate or even to make the area more pleasant to the eye. The important thing is that they are kept in order without creating that ugly mess to look at and also bearer of insects. If you decide to buy a Bosch hedge trimmer, you can choose between many products available in the store. Regardless of your choice, you will have the opportunity to opt for a very high quality and to have at your disposal also a staff that will be able to direct you to the product to buy instead of another one. Whether the choice falls on the battery-powered hedge trimmer or the electric hedge trimmer, you will still have the necessary uniformity to obtain a clean and precise result with a quiet operation without being afraid of something happening. The choice is as big as his experience in the sector is.

Bosch hedge trimmer: electric hedge trimmer: various Bosch models

The Bosch electric models are many and all characterized by different performances and functionalities: now we see someone highlighting the power and the structure. The AHS 70-34 model hedge trimmer is a very light and powerful product suitable for more Carthusian and difficult jobs. It has a power of 700 W, a blade length of 700 mm and a cutting thickness of 34 mm. The AHS 65-34 model is similar to the previous model only which differs in the length of the blade which is 650 mm instead of 700.The model hedge trimmer AHS 55-26 has a low weight but greater power: ideal for medium sized hedges and bushes. It has a power of 600 W, a blade length of 550 mm with a cutting thickness of 26 mm. Finally there is the AHS 55-16 cutting machine with a power of 450 W, a blade length of 550 mm and a cut thickness of 16 mm.