Instructions for the use of fungicide Kurzat and consumption rates

Instructions for the use of fungicide Kurzat and consumption rates

In the treatment of fungal infections in plants, preparations containing copper are used. When choosing, pay attention to the instructions for the use of the fungicide "Kurzat", which is also indicated for the prevention of diseases of plants in the garden and vegetable garden, and is used during the period of spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

Composition and form of release of the fungicide "Kurzat"

In the protection of potatoes, vegetables, grapes, such preparations are needed that act locally and systemically. These include the fungicidal agent "Kurzat" from the company "DuPont Khimprom".

Copper oxychloride contains 689.5 grams per kilogram of powder. It is this compound that has a fungicidal and bactericidal effect in many preparations approved for use in agriculture against diseases of vegetable crops: potatoes, tomatoes, beets, onions.

To enhance the effect, the agent contains cymoxanil, which is especially active against the causative agent of late blight. The substance has a systemic effect on downy mildews. Together with copper oxychloride, cymoxanil protects and treats peronosporosis on cucumbers in the open field, the main diseases of potatoes and tomatoes.

The fungicide is produced in the form of a wetting powder. Diluting it with water, a stable type suspension is obtained. The composition of the powder contains fillers, a dispersant and other additional components that enhance the adhesion of the substance, film formation.

The packaging of the product is 5 kilograms in one container.

Principle of operation and purpose of use

The action of the main substances when spraying plants:

  • creates a protective film on leaves and stems, protecting against penetration of cells of parasitic microorganisms;
  • disrupts the processes of mineralization of organic substances;
  • suppresses sporulation by suppressing RNA biosynthesis in fungal cells;
  • gets inside, stopping the spread of the disease.

A feature of the fungicide is that it is active against pathogens that are resistant to other drugs. Farmers use the fungicide for preventive and therapeutic treatments in fields sown with tomatoes, potatoes, and onions. You can use the working fluid in personal gardens against late blight of nightshade, mildew of grapes.

Benefits of the drug

Many people choose "Kurzat" because it:

  • heals plants of a vegetable garden and garden from common diseases;
  • controls sporulation on the underside of the leaf, penetrating deep inside when spraying;
  • actively fights against late blight fungus strains resistant to other agents;
  • low toxic to humans and bees.

The fungicidal effect lasts a month after spraying, which is important for summer residents.

How to prepare a solution

Before starting the treatment of plants, a working liquid is prepared. First, take half the norm of water, add powder. After thorough stirring, add water to the norm. The concentration of active ingredients depends on the type of disease, the characteristics of its development in vegetables, grapes.

For grapes

The spray liquid is prepared by diluting the powder in a bucket of water. It will take 25-30 grams of the drug. After mixing, the solution is used as directed. Sprayed with 10 liters of a suspension of 100 square meters.

For tomatoes

The consumption of working fluid for tomatoes will be 5 liters per 100 meters of planting. The concentration of the working fluid is 50 grams per 10 liters of water.

For potatoes

It is necessary to prepare a solution for spraying a potato field before processing. 50 grams of the fungicide "Kurzat" is poured into a bucket of clean water immediately before spraying.

For cucumbers

Downy mildew on cucumbers can be prevented by cultivation in the open field and in the greenhouse. For this, a solution is prepared by taking 25-30 grams of Kurzat fungicidal powder per 10 liters of water.

For bow

The beds with onions are also affected by pernosporosis, then you can be left without a crop. Rotting is prevented with a solution of the drug. 60 grams of wetting powder is diluted in 10 liters of pure water.

Instructions for use

It is necessary to spray the planting of vegetables from 3 to 4 times during the growing season with the preparation "Kurzat". Use the working fluid every 10-12 days. The last treatment is carried out 2-3 weeks before harvest, and grapes - a month.

Pour the prepared solution into a spray bottle or spray bottle. When spraying the suspension, the weather should be clear and calm.

Safety engineering

Working with agrochemicals requires compliance with safety rules. Be sure to wear work clothes, rubber gloves, a respirator mask, glasses.

During spraying, do not smoke, drink, eat.

After work, wash hands with soap and water. If the liquid gets on the skin, then it is carefully removed with a cotton swab and washed off with warm soapy water.


The fungicide is considered to be of little danger to humans and bees. But compliance with the rules for the use of the chemical will avoid the symptoms of poisoning.

Do not pour the remains of the solution into water bodies, otherwise fish and amphibians will die. Substances decompose in the ground within 2-6 weeks.

Compatibility with other pesticides

Combine treatment with "Kurzat" with other fungicides, insecticides. First check the substances for compatibility. If they do not combine well, they precipitate in solution. Do not mix copper-containing preparation with alkaline agents, emulsion concentrates.

Terms and conditions of storage of funds

Store the powder in a tightly closed container out of the reach of children and animals. The temperature in the room should be within 20 degrees Celsius and not fall below 10. Shelf life is 3 years.


In order for resistance to the fungicide to manifest less often, it is necessary to replace it with other drugs with a similar effect. Agrochemicals such as "Broneks", "Ordan", "Kuprolux" are similar in composition. They are based on copper-containing substances. Products are produced in the form of a wetting powder.

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