Description of the tomato variety Golden Bullet and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Golden Bullet and its characteristics

For a long time, tomatoes have ceased to be associated only with red, because in the gardens you can find emerald green, bright red, and dark purple. Tomato "Golden Bullet" is a representative of sunny yellow tomatoes. Yellow fruits are in no way inferior in taste, and in care they are no more demanding.

Features of tomato

Variety "Golden Bullet" - early maturing, determinant type. Begins to bear fruit 100-105 days after germination.

Description of the variety:

  • bushes are undersized, strong;
  • leaves of medium size, dense, green;
  • inflorescences are simple, the first is laid over a 6-7 leaf, subsequent ones every 1-2 leaves;
  • fruiting racemose, each brush yields 6-7 fruits;
  • excellent yield indicators under any growing conditions, average yield - 3-4 kg per 1 sq. m;
  • is highly resistant to most tomato diseases.

Fruit characteristics:

  • the shape is cylindrical, plum-shaped;
  • fruit weight up to 50 grams, in rare cases the weight reaches 100 grams;
  • the color of ripe tomatoes is from golden yellow to bright orange;
  • internally divided into two or three segments;
  • the pulp is dense and strong;
  • aromatic, with a rich taste;
  • high content of sugars and beta-carotene.

Due to its beneficial qualities and excellent taste, fresh tomato is recommended for baby and diet food. In addition, Zolotaya Bullet tomatoes are suitable for whole-fruit canning.

Growing and care

Tomato variety "Golden Bullet" is recommended for growing both in greenhouse conditions and in the open field.

  • Sowing is carried out at the end of March, the seeds should first be soaked for 2-3 days.
  • It is advisable to drain the soil so that it can be watered through the pan.
  • In the phase of the appearance of the first true leaves, the seedlings should be dived.
  • At first, the sprouts need additional light, but as soon as they begin to stretch strongly, the amount of light should be reduced.
  • 7-10 days before planting, young tomatoes must be walked in the fresh air; on warm sunny days, air procedures can be extended for the whole day.
  • At the age of 60-65 days, it is time to plant seedlings in open ground; in film shelters and greenhouses, you can plant early. As a rule, by the time of planting, the shoots are in the formation phase of 5-6 leaves.
  • Landing scheme - 50x40 cm.
  • In the process of growth, tomatoes need to form a bush of 3-4 stems, they also need to be tied to a support.
  • Plants must be provided with regular watering, preferably using warm water.
  • During the growing season, it is recommended to feed tomatoes with mineral mixtures.

Tomatoes "Golden Bullet" are appreciated for their high taste and excellent fertility.



I planted “golden bullets” last season, the tomatoes are pretty, beautiful as in the picture, and very tasty.


Gold, not tomatoes! I collected more than 50 pieces from one bush. And this with a minimum of care.


The tomato is unpretentious. Grown in the open field, never fed, and the harvest was rich. I would like to note the excellent taste of the tomato. They ate it fresh, straight from the bush, and salted it in winter.


"Zolotaya Pulka" is a favorite variety of our family. We have been planting them for several years in a row. Children simply adore them, you have to make sure that all the tomatoes are eaten.

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