Instructions for the use of Fascord and the composition of the insecticide, dosage and analogues

Instructions for the use of Fascord and the composition of the insecticide, dosage and analogues

Agricultural and ornamental crops have many enemies. In addition to diseases, they are attacked by various types of insects that suck out juices, gnaw on green shoots, damage buds and roots, and spoil fruits and seeds. Modern effective insecticides are used to destroy pests. Using "Fascord" helps to cope with insects of different species, protecting plants for a long time.

The composition and form of release of the systemic insecticide "Faskord"

The drug "Faskord" is a synthetic insecticide of contact-intestinal action from the group of pyrethroids. The main active ingredient is α-cypermethrin. It affects the central and peripheral nervous systems of pests, causing their rapid death due to high toxicity.

"Faskord" is produced in the form of EC - an emulsion concentrate, which must be diluted before use in special proportions.

Speed, mechanism and spectrum of action

The pesticide "Faskord" acts on almost all types of insects - pests of agricultural crops, from sap-sucking cicadas and bedbugs to the Colorado potato beetle and locusts. Like all pyrethroids, Faskord acts extremely quickly, leading to instant paralysis of the nervous system, which causes massive death of pests at different stages of development.

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Depending on whether the weather is dry or it is raining, the duration of vegetation protection with the Faskord insecticide is from 7 to 10 days.

Consumption rate and application rules

Since Faskord is highly toxic, for its use it is necessary to adhere exactly to the instructions, dilution rules and consumption rates of the working preparation, as well as the number of sprays:

CultureInsect pestNorm
ApplicationWaiting, number of treatments
CerealsGrain pests0.1Growth processing20, 2
PotatoColorado beetle0.07-0.120, 1
Technical flaxFlea0.11
Canteen, sugar and fodder beetsFleas,
20, 1
Alfalfa seedWeevils, bugs, aphids0.15-0.2Pollination during bud formation40, 1
Red clover for seedsSeed eaters, leafhoppers, bugs, aphids0.2Spraying during the growing season20, 1
RapeCruciferous fleas,
flower beetle
0.1-0.1520, 2
White cabbageWhitefish, moths, scoops
GrapesLeaf rollers, leaf phylloxera0.16-0.2430, 2
Grain for seeds for sowingGranivorous insects16 milliliters per tonSpraying. Consumption of 500 milliliters per ton of grain.

The waiting period is 20 days.

Processed grain cannot be used for food or forage.

Empty warehouses and equipment
0.2 milliliters per square meterSpattering. Consumption up to 50 milliliters per square meter of area. You can let people in and use the warehouses in 20 days.
Territory of grain
enterprises and

milliliters per square meter

Spraying. Consumption up to 200 milliliters per square meter.

Safety engineering

Insecticide "Faskord" belongs to the 2nd hazard class, that is, it is highly dangerous for humans, warm-blooded animals, birds, fish, insects, including pollinators. Therefore, strict observance of safety rules is required, which include the following points:

  1. It is necessary to spray the drug in a calm, windless weather.
  2. Spraying plants in direct sunlight is prohibited.
  3. From the area where the treatment will be carried out, it is necessary to remove hives with bees, domestic and farm animals, do not allow children and unauthorized persons there.
  4. It is necessary to dilute "Faskord" in containers specially designated for this, using warm, but not hot water.
  5. It is necessary to use the ready-made composition within 2 hours after preparation. The leftovers can be stored in a tightly sealed container for 24 hours.
  6. The person who will handle the landings must wear protective clothing with long sleeves and pant legs.
  7. Hands are protected with gloves, the face - with special glasses, a mask or respirator. You need to wear a hat or scarf on your head.
  8. Do not smoke, talk, eat or drink while mixing or spraying.
  9. After spraying, you need to take off your clothes and send them to the wash. The employee needs to wash thoroughly, wash his hands and take a shower.
  10. If the product gets on open areas of the skin, mucous membranes, or in the eyes, immediately wash off the drug with plenty of running water and seek medical attention.

Safety rules cannot be neglected, because Faskord is a toxic drug that can cause serious harm to human health.

Compatibility with other substances

Faskord is compatible with a significant amount of insecticides and fungicides. Before large-scale use, it is necessary to make a test by combining the selected drugs. If there is no stratification, gas evolution or cloudiness, the ready-made product can be used.

In order to avoid incompatibility, it is necessary to combine insecticides, which are based on various chemical or biological components. Organophosphate components and preparations based on and imidocloprid ("Imidor") are best suited for this purpose.

Terms and rules for storing funds

The shelf life of the drug is 36 months from the date of manufacture. It is necessary to store the insecticide with standard precautions: keep in a specially designed room, away from food, medicine, feed for pets and farm animals.

Children, pets and birds must not have access to the facility. It is necessary to store the substance in a tightly closed container, in places where direct sunlight does not penetrate.

The insecticide can withstand temperatures ranging from -15 to +30 degrees Celsius. Shelf life is 3 years from the date of issue.

Drug analogs

Fascord has several analogues with a similar chemical composition and level of efficiency:

  • "Prison".
  • "Fastak".
  • "Tsunami".

The last two products are available in the same form, in the form of an emulsion concentrate. Faskord is an affordable pesticide with a high pest efficiency and a long period of protective action.

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