Instructions for use of Dividend Supreme, the dosage of the disinfectant and analogues

Instructions for use of Dividend Supreme, the dosage of the disinfectant and analogues

Seed dressers are used to treat seed material of cereals and other crops. Let's consider the purpose and principle of action of "Dividend Supreme", the composition and use of the treater according to the instructions. How to work with the solution according to safety measures, is it possible to combine the drug with other pesticides, how much and under what conditions to store, how can this agent be replaced.

Composition and formulation

The Dividend Supreme formula combines 3 active substances from different classes at once: thiamethoxam in the amount of 92.3 g per 1 liter, difenoconazole - 36.92 g per 1 liter and mefenoxam in the amount of 3.08 g per 1 liter. The manufacturer - "Syngenta", produces a dressing agent in the form of a suspension concentrate in cans of 5 liters.

Mechanism of action

"Dividend Supreme" contains active substances that allow them to be used to simultaneously combat pests and fungal diseases that damage seedlings. The tool is considered the most economical among similar seed dressing agents. Does not delay the emergence of seedlings, stimulates the development of the root system of seedlings and the aerial part.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Thiamethoxam protects wheat from pests: fleas, flies, wireworms, aphids, leafhoppers, ground beetles. Difenoconazole and mefenoxam - from root rot, seed mold and smut caused by fungi of different classes.

The "Dividend Supreme" action begins immediately from the moment of processing, the protection period is at least 40 days. Does not have a toxic effect on the treated seeds and future seedlings. Pests and fungi do not get used to the drug.

Appointment of funds

"Dividend Supreme" is used for the processing of seeds of spring and winter wheat. The dressing can be carried out either before sowing or some time before it (up to 1 year). In case of early processing, you need to dry the seeds and store them in a dry place so that they are not affected by moisture.

Instructions for use of the Dividend Supreme treater

The application rate for the treatment of wheat seeds from pests and most fungi is 2-2.5 liters per ton. For pickling from dust smut and pityous root rot - 2.5 liters. One-time processing, liquid consumption per ton of seeds - up to 10 liters.

Security measures

"Dividend Supreme" refers to agricultural products with 3 class of toxicity for humans and bees. It cannot be used in the area of ​​water bodies of fishery enterprises, by air and in private household plots.

Conditions for working with the solution for safety: you need to wear tight clothes, wear rubber gloves on your hands, protect your eyes with glasses, and your nose with a respirator. Do not remove the guards while the solution is being prepared and the seed is sprayed. It is forbidden to smoke, drink and eat. After finishing work, be sure to wash your hands and face with warm water and soap. If the solution gets on clothes, wash and dry them.

First aid for poisoning

If poisoning occurs, you need to go outside if processing takes place indoors. If the solution of the disinfectant gets into your eyes, you need to rinse them with running warm water, if splashes hit the skin - remove with cotton wool, then also rinse with water and soap. If liquid enters the stomach, drink activated charcoal tablets (1 g per 10 kg of weight), drink water and induce vomiting. In case of more serious poisoning, you should immediately consult a doctor. Therapy with insectofungicide poisoning is symptomatic, there are no antidotes against the drug.

Compatibility with other substances

The seed dressing agent can be combined with other neutral seed dressing agents. They can be in any formulation - in the form of powders and suspensions. The insectofungicidal dressing agent has a new shape, which eliminates the possibility of error during the preparation of mixtures.

Before mixing the products in full, a compatibility test must be carried out - combine a small amount of both products in a small container. If no changes in chemical or physical properties are observed, then the preparations can be mixed for use in full. If the reaction has occurred - there is an increase in the temperature of the liquid or the color has changed, a precipitate has formed - it is impossible to mix the preparations.

How to store it correctly

Dividend Supreme treater can be stored for 3 years starting from the date indicated as production date. The necessary storage conditions are to keep the suspension in the factory canister, close the lid tightly. The temperature in the warehouse should be from -5 ° C to +35 ° C, the room should be dry and dark. After the end of the storage period, the drug must be replaced, the diluted solution should be used only on the day of dilution, with long-term conservation, it loses its properties, becomes ineffective.

What can be replaced?

In terms of difeconazole, the insectofungicide has analogues: Dividend Star and Dividend Extreme, Maxim Plus. The funds are produced by the firm "Syngenta". From the firm "August" you can use the preparations "Oplot" and "Oplot Trio".

Dividend Supreme is an effective dressing agent that protects wheat seeds from pests and pathogens of fungal infections. The solution is applied to the seeds before or before planting (treatment can be carried out within a year before sowing). The drug is economically beneficial, since it has a low consumption rate, and the treatment is carried out once. The use of a dressing agent makes it possible to preserve the sown seeds from damage, to obtain more friendly shoots, and therefore, a high yield of wheat. By preserving the plants, the seed dressing justifies the purchase costs and makes wheat cultivation more profitable.

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