Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Mashenka, yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Mashenka, yield

Tomato Mashenka is one of the best varieties for cultivation in open and closed ground. It is distinguished by high yield rates, good taste.

General description of the variety

Mashenka is an indeterminate, tall variety of tomatoes. It is used for breeding in protected greenhouses and on open beds. The height of the bushes reaches 2 meters. The best yield is achieved when growing 2-stem bushes.

The variety is classified as mid-season. The technical maturity of the fruits occurs 110-115 days after germination. Tomatoes are highly productive.

Fruits are even, rounded. The color is red at the stage of maturity. Green spots and blotches are absent. The skin is dense, glossy. The weight of an average tomato is in the range of 200-250 grams. Individual fruits reach 400-500 grams.

Tomatoes have a sweet and sour taste. They have a dense, fleshy core. The number of seeds is quite large. Tomatoes contain up to 6 seed chambers.

According to the characteristics and description of the variety, Mashenka tomatoes are used fresh, for the preparation of tomato juice, sauces and other preserves.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the slight differences in the variety description from different growers, tomatoes summarize a large number of positive qualities.

The advantages of the variety include:

  • high productivity;
  • friendly ripening of fruits;
  • high degree of fruit ovary;
  • great sweet taste;
  • large mass of fruits;
  • resistance to adverse weather conditions;
  • resistance to diseases and pests.

Of the shortcomings, gardeners note only a few.

  1. Demanding care. Plants are tall. Therefore, the bushes require a garter and pinching.
  2. Short shelf life of the crop. Despite the dense peel, tomatoes are stored for no more than 2-3 weeks.
  3. Growing in closed greenhouses. A good, massive harvest is achieved only in closed greenhouses.

Growing rules

When growing tomatoes of the Mashenka variety, it is customary to follow the general rules of agricultural technology. Tomatoes are not demanding to care for.

  1. Sowing seeds is carried out 60-65 days before the intended planting in open ground.
  2. Common or individual containers are used for seedlings. The soil is suitable for universal tomato.
  3. Before planting, the soil and seeds are treated with a manganese solution.
  4. The seed and young seedlings are kept in warm rooms. The temperature regime is maintained at 20-22 degrees during the day and 18-20 at night.
  5. Watering and feeding the plants is done as needed.
  6. Planting is transferred to a permanent place in late May or early June.
  7. Planting scheme 65 by 45 centimeters.
  8. Top dressing is done according to the standard scheme 2-3 times per season.
  9. To increase the mass of fruits, the tops of the bushes are pinched after the formation of 4-6 brushes.

Mashenka tomatoes are resistant to diseases and pests. They have an increased immunity to Alternaria, Fusarium, mosaic, late blight. If signs of aphids or caterpillars are found, the plant scoop is treated with insecticidal preparations.

Experienced gardening tips

Due to the wide distribution of the variety, numerous reviews of gardeners about Mashenka tomatoes have been collected. They allow you to highlight strengths and weaknesses, as well as collect a number of tips from those who have already grown it.

  1. In the conditions of a greenhouse and open ground, the yields of a variety from one manufacturer differ. The best results were obtained when grown indoors.
  2. The plant is formed into 1-2 stems. No more than 5 brushes are left on the bushes. This is to prevent the stem from breaking.
  3. Bushes require pinching and garter. Support for the plants is needed during the entire growth and during the ripening period.

Each housewife, who has already planted Mashenka's tomatoes and tasted them, returns again to this variety. The main advantage is the ability to collect seeds from the resulting crop and re-sowing them next year.

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