How to choose the right nickname for a horse and stallion, the most beautiful names

How to choose the right nickname for a horse and stallion, the most beautiful names

The history of the relationship of people with noble horses goes back centuries. Horses accompanied people in times of trouble and were helpers in times of peace. People have always tried to give pets sonorous names. The names of horses and stud stallions can influence the character and performance of a horse. This feature is familiar to owners of four-legged pets. That is why choosing a name for an animal is an important matter.

Alphabetical names for horses

In search of a nickname for your pet, the easiest way is to refer to a dictionary called "Nicknames for Horses." In the reference book you can find a nickname for every taste. Name variations are listed in alphabetical order. Nicknames can be associated with the names of gems, colors, and constellations. Some names indicate the external characteristics of animals. Some nicknames hint at the temperament and character of the horse.

Horses are often given nicknames similar to human names. Practice shows that about a quarter of domestic horses can boast a sonorous nickname. It is not forbidden to give such nicknames to animals, only it should be remembered that a horse cannot be called a full human name. You can often find an animal named Lesha, Mishka, Silver.

The dictionary of names will help to determine the nickname for the owners of a thoroughbred, breeding foal. In this case, they are guided by the rules for choosing a nickname for an elite horse.

It should be remembered that the rules do not allow the use of manufacturer names. Nicknames are included in official registers. Of course, at home you can call your pet whatever you like, but upon official registration, such a name will be rejected.

For stallions

A brutal nickname will suit the future strong stallion, evoking associations with a powerful, intelligent, fast animal. You can name the boy by the name of a mythological hero or use the name of natural phenomena. The following name options are suitable for a young horse:

  • Buran;
  • Volcano;
  • Granite;
  • Lord;
  • North;
  • Pirate;
  • Tornado;
  • Titanium.

For mares

A gentle, affectionate nickname is selected for the mare. Girls can be called by the name of a fairytale heroine or a flower. The nicknames associated with the names of the stars sound wonderful.

  1. Wendy.
  2. Virgo.
  3. Jasmine.
  4. Legend.
  5. Forget-me-not.
  6. Song.
  7. Chamomile.
  8. Clever girl.
  9. Aurora.

Famous names

The nicknames of horses are often associated with the nicknames of famous animals. The nickname of the beloved horse belonging to Napoleon is well known. The horse was nicknamed King George. True, the emperor affectionately called him Sheikh. The animal faithfully served the commander, and after the death of the owner, it carried the body of Bonaparte to the place of burial.

This story could not leave anyone indifferent, therefore the name Sheikh is popular among horse lovers. The horse's nickname Rosinante is associated with the name of the romantic hero of the book "Don Quixote". Bucephalus belonged to the legendary Alexander the Great. Marshal Zhukov hosted the famous parade in honor of the victory over the Nazis, riding a magnificent horse named Kumir. The light gray horse is forever engraved in the memory of the witnesses of the great event. Such a name should be given only to the best breeding horse.

Famous characters inspire the search for options associated with historical events and heroes of literary works. The list of options is endless, history knows many amazing events, the heroes of which were horses.

Selection features

Choosing a nickname for your pet is not easy, it requires adherence to some rules. If we are talking about a thoroughbred horse intended for breeding, you will have to moderate the flight of your imagination and submit to generally accepted requirements.

  1. The descendants of the trotters and the purebred Arabian breed should be given a name in which the capital letter coincides with the first letter of the mother's nickname. In the center of the word should be the letter with which the father's nickname begins.
  2. Donskaya, Terskaya, Budennovskaya breeds obey different rules. Here everything happens the other way around: first, they put the name of the father, and then - the mother.
  3. If we are talking about the descendants of Akhal-Teke horses, either of the two options is allowed.

The names of sports horses are usually used in conjunction with the names of the stables and clubs to which the horses are directly related. This rule is strictly enforced in Europe. Horses of foreign selection often bear complex nicknames consisting of several words. Racers that do not have "blue bloods" can be called, guided by their own imagination and the idea of ​​ u200b u200bthe beauty. Despite the freedom in choosing a nickname for a beloved pet, the owners are still advised to adequately assess the state of affairs.

It is somewhat strange to see a draft horse named Swift or Swallow. A powerful, slow horse is more suitable for the nickname Peaceful, Kind or Strong. The nickname must correspond to the characteristics of the horse's appearance and character.

For example, horses of the Friesian breed are distinguished by a slender, light silhouette, so the nicknames Serna and Divo are more suitable for them. Owners of a chic curly mane will not fit rustic nicknames such as Borka or Kashtan. It is difficult to imagine a cheerful, active horse with the nickname Tikhon or Smirny. The nicknames Wind or Hurricane are much more suitable for him.

In time immemorial, horses were indispensable on the battlefield, so they were given nicknames designed to intimidate the enemy and indicate that the horse belonged to the owner. The nickname Beast or Hurricane made the enemy doubt their strength.

In order to designate the belonging of the animal to a noble person, the pet was called the Prince, Shah or Count. The names of animals could come from the names of birds of prey or animals (Sokol, Bars). In other cases, the names of objects or natural phenomena were used (Lightning, Hurricane, Bulat).

Often the nickname depended on the names of human qualities (Dodger, Sly, Brawler). Such names were often given in the adjective form (Gentle, Fast, True). Four-legged assistants were willingly awarded nicknames associated with the names of peoples or areas. Such nicknames as Tatarin, Vyatich or Kalmyk were widespread.

For village animals

If a horse lives in a village courtyard and performs hard peasant work, you should not call him a sonorous, pompous name. Against the background of the rural surroundings, such beautiful names as Grand or Napoleon look ridiculous and ridiculous. It is much more appropriate to give the horse a simple, cute nickname. It can be associated with the name of a wildflower or with the peculiarities of the animal's appearance. The nicknames sound beautiful: Chamomile, Blackie, Buttercup, Strongman.

Taking into account individual qualities

Horses have lived next to humans for many centuries. The owners often try to give the four-legged helper a nickname, based on the characteristics of the character or appearance of the horse. Sometimes, it carries comprehensive information about all the features of the pet.

Nicknames that speak about the character of the horse:

  1. Grozny.
  2. Hurricane.
  3. Bunny.
  4. Right.
  5. Good man.
  6. Swallow.

Nicknames associated with the peculiarities of the color of the animal:

  1. Belyanka.
  2. Ginger.
  3. Chocolate bar.
  4. Gypsy girl.
  5. Coal.

Nicknames associated with the color of animals are called onomasticons. Such nicknames are often of Turkic origin. This is probably due to the influence of the era of the Tatar-Mongol yoke.

Geographic names

The names associated with the names of cities or countries sound fresh and original. They are easy to remember and, as a rule, are well absorbed by pets. Nicknames sound unusual: London, America, Chinese, Paris, Versailles.


Funny nicknames are loved by creative, cheerful owners. They cheer up those around them and set the tone for any event, be it amateur competition or entertainment.

Options for funny nicknames:

  1. Plush.
  2. Zest.
  3. Strawberry.
  4. Bear.
  5. Roll.
  6. Tiny.

Exercising in your own wit, it is important to observe the measure, otherwise there is a great danger of slipping into rudeness or vulgarity.

Heroes of legends, films and books

Romantic owners give pets nicknames associated with the heroes of their favorite books or films. Russian epics are a real Klondike for successful names. The nicknames Zabava, Muromets, Sadko, Volga sound well.

No less spectacular are the nicknames associated with the heroes of Arab fairy tales. For example, Shah, Jin, Aza, Akhtar. Such nicknames awaken the imagination and are easy to remember. A horse with a fabulous name will not get lost among competitors.

Names of birds, animals, natural phenomena

The nicknames associated with the name of any animals or birds sound original and capacious. In this case, you should not limit your imagination. Swallow or Mouse will tell you about the swiftness or gray suit of the pet. Sokol and Berkut will indicate a decisive and willful character. Names that speak of natural phenomena look appropriate. Thus, we can say about the peculiarities of the pet's temperament. Thunder or Hurricane sound impressive and stern. Quite differently - Snowflake or Cloud.

Depending on the season

A simple way of choosing a nickname for a horse is popular. Nature itself suggests a variety of names. They can be associated with pet traits or coloration features. Nicknames sound beautiful: Snowflake, Night, Winter, Freckle, Thunder.

What is forbidden to use in names

In pursuit of originality, it's easy to get carried away and give your pet a nickname that won't sound right. To avoid trouble, do not call your horse the name of a famous person. Such liberty is allowed only with the written consent of the star. It is unacceptable to use the names of honored, famous for their achievements, animal ancestors. It is forbidden to give the horse humiliating, offensive nicknames. It is important to have a sense of proportion and tact.

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