How much and how to properly give chickens chalk, features of use

How much and how to properly give chickens chalk, features of use

In order to saturate the body with calcium, you need to know how to give chalk to chickens. A special additive increases egg production and shell strength. Lack of calcium contributes to the appearance of diseases in layers, including rickets and bone damage. Also, the lack of minerals negatively affects further offspring, which appear with genetic abnormalities.

Can chickens be given chalk?

The daily diet of laying hens requires minerals, with the help of which health and shells are strengthened. Chalk contains calcium, a lack of which leads to a decrease in the quality of eggs and bone diseases. A useful mineral in the body appears as a result of a balanced diet. However, when the chickens do not consume all the necessary ingredients, poultry farmers add crushed limestone. This type of supplement does not harm the birds and assists in the absorption of the desired element.

For individuals that are in closed conditions for a long time, special complex additives are used that contain all the necessary minerals. Such supplements are used when fresh greens are not included in the diet and the variety of grain feed is limited. In such cases, one food component is not enough for chickens.

What kind of chalk can you give?

The diet must include a feed product that contains the right amount of calcium. The feed product contains 75% of the useful element. Limestone can be used, which contains 35% of the required mineral. When feeding chickens, it is necessary to add a feed product that is beneficial to the health of the bird. In rare cases, building powder is used, which must first be prepared.

How much do you need and how to give chalk to chickens?

All nutritional supplements that are introduced into the diet of chickens must comply with the norm so as not to harm the birds. Large amounts of calcium can negatively affect the health of young animals and adults. The feed should be included in the diet of chickens regularly. For this, the substance is mixed with bird feed. This is necessary, since birds do not have salivary glands, as a result of which the pure product does not enter the body without additional components.

Feed powder should be added to food in the afternoon, when the shell begins to form. The dosage for 10 birds is calculated depending on the age of the bird:

  • for individuals up to 7 days old, it is necessary to introduce 30 grams into grain food;
  • under the age of 25 days, 50 grams should be administered;
  • for chickens aged 2 months, 80-90 grams are used;
  • for adults, 100 grams must be administered.

When choosing a feed component, you should carefully monitor that there are no impurities and lumps. The further result depends on the quality of the substance. The powder is friable and does not contain lumps. The substance is white and does not contain an unpleasant odor.

Important. With an incorrectly selected substance, the laying hen may feel a lack of mineral. This is manifested by a disease of the paws and a decrease in egg production. The shell is thin and is prone to damage.

Features of using construction chalk

The building powder can be used for food. However, it should be borne in mind that such material may contain additional impurities such as gypsum and marble. These additional components can adversely affect the health of chicks and adults. In order to use the building product as an additive for layers, the following features should be observed:

  • the substance is mixed with water in equal proportions and left;
  • after the mixture is built up, you need to drain the water;
  • the sediment should be dried;
  • after the precipitate is dried, the substance can be used as a food additive.

A construction product often contains solid particles that must be removed before use.

The building material is not used in its pure form, as it can be harmful to the health of chickens.


For the health of chickens, it is important to observe dietary habits. Layers should have all the necessary minerals in their daily diet. Lack of calcium in the body of chickens can lead to tissue degeneration and bone destruction. Also, a lack of calcium leads to a decrease in egg production and soft shells. These eggs are not eaten and cannot be stored. The use of chalk saturates the body of layers with the necessary elements. The substance is available and is not harmful to health.

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