Instructions for the use of the herbicide Eraser Top, consumption rates and analogues

Instructions for the use of the herbicide Eraser Top, consumption rates and analogues

Selective herbicides are necessary in order to destroy weeds on crops without damaging the latter. Otherwise, harmful plants absorb moisture, nutrients and light, suppressing cultivated plants. Such properties are possessed by the herbicide "Eraser Top" and its modification "Eraser Extra".

Due to the selectivity of action, these drugs do not harm grain seedlings, but destroy cereal weeds.

Composition, release form and purpose of the herbicide "Eraser Extra"

The manufacturer of the herbicide - the company "August", declares several components as active ingredients of the drug "Eraser Extra":

  • fenoxaprop-P-ethyl - its content is 70 grams per liter of pesticide;
  • cloquintoset-mexil is an antidote in the amount of 40 grams per liter.

The herbicide is used in fields with crops of grain crops to cleanse them of cereal weeds of the one-year development cycle.

The drug is available in the form of an emulsion oil concentrate in plastic cans with a volume of 5 and 10 liters.

Mechanism and speed of action

Penetration of the herbicide "Eraser Extra" occurs through the foliage, reaches the points of growth and accumulates there. The active substance decomposes, resulting in the formation of free acid, which inhibits the synthesis of fatty acids and cell membranes. The weed plant stops its development.

The antidote, which is part of the herbicide "Eraser Extra", carries out the detoxification process for wheat and barley so that the drug does not have a depressing effect on them.

Within a day after treatment, the weeds stop their growth, and after two weeks they completely die. The speed of action is maximum when processing cereal weeds in the phase of 2-3 leaves.

Temperature and humidity at the time of spraying is of great importance.

Exposure symptoms

Already on the second day after spraying with the herbicide "Eraser Extra", symptoms of weed suppression are observed:

  • growth stops;
  • chlorosis (a violation of the formation of chlorophyll) appears on young shoots - the leaves turn yellow, turn blue or turn red;
  • the weeds wither and dry out.

Main advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of the herbicide "Eraser Extra", experts name a number of features:

  • the effect of the drug on cereal weeds is highly effective;
  • due to the presence of an antidote in the composition, agricultural plants are not inhibited;
  • the pesticide can be applied at any stage of crop development;
  • the possibility of using the herbicide in a tank mixture with other preparations of the same direction.

The disadvantages include:

  • toxicity to bees, fish;
  • the possibility of accumulation in the ground;
  • danger from contact with open areas of the body if safety instructions are not followed.

Consumption rate for different plants

The herbicide "Eraser Extra" is used on crops of winter and spring wheat, on spring barley. A single treatment is sufficient for plant protection for a period of two months.

According to the application regulations, the herbicide consumption rate is 0.8-1.0 liters per hectare of crops.

All crops, including winter wheat, are processed in the spring. The consumption of the working solution is 100-200 liters per hectare.

Preparation and use of working solution

The working solution for the treatment of crops should be prepared in a special place, immediately before spraying. According to the instructions for use, the required amount of the herbicide is measured. In a special glass or ceramic container, dilute the emulsion with water to a concentration of 20%. The mother liquor is poured into a clean, tested for performance and completeness of the sprayer, the mixer is turned on and water is added to the full volume. The dishes in which the preparation was diluted are thoroughly washed, draining the water into the tank, and removed to an inaccessible place.

After that, they begin to process weeds.


When working with the herbicide "Eraser Extra", the following safety measures should be observed:

  • do not allow pregnant women, persons under 18 years of age, patients with contraindications to work;
  • those admitted to work must be instructed in labor protection;
  • workers are provided with special protective equipment - clothing, shoes, gloves, glasses, a respirator;
  • do not carry out work in the sanitary zones of reservoirs and near housing;
  • notify residents and apiary owners about the time of spraying;
  • carry out work in the morning or evening in calm, windless weather;
  • do not smoke, eat or drink until the end of the work;
  • transport the working solution in a sealed container in a closed transport;
  • at the end of work, take off clothes, clean them and place them in a special place;
  • take a shower.

Herbicide toxicity

The herbicide "Eraser Extra" belongs to the third hazard class. Remember:

  • the drug is not toxic to barley and wheat, moderately hazardous to bees, hazardous to fish;
  • with caution, it must be used near reservoirs and water sources, observing the sanitary zone;
  • spraying is not carried out during the daytime;
  • processing should be canceled if the wind speed exceeds 4 m / s;
  • areas for rest and eating are organized no closer than 300 m from the place of work;
  • years old bees should be suspended from 3 to 24 hours;
  • the area of ​​one-time processing should not exceed 5 hectares;
  • the drug is not applied to the windward side of the living area.

First aid for poisoning

When the first signs of poisoning appear and the health of the person who sprayed the crops deteriorates, it is worth taking first aid measures:

  1. In case of contact with the skin, wash off the substance with soap under running water and treat with a slightly alkaline solution.
  2. After getting the drug in the eyes, rinse them abundantly under running water.
  3. If a toxic substance enters the respiratory tract, remove clothing and a respirator from the victim. When breathing weakens, ammonia is used, fresh air is given, if necessary, artificial respiration is performed.
  4. If it enters the gastrointestinal tract, give a warm solution of potassium permanganate to drink and induce vomiting.
  5. It is necessary to call a doctor or send the victim to a hospital.

Is it compatible with other products?

According to the regulations of use, the herbicide "Eraser Extra" is used together with preparations aimed at controlling weeds of the one-year development cycle.

To obtain a tank mix, each of the proposed components is first diluted in water, tested for compatibility, and only then mixed.

Storage rules and periods

The herbicide "Eraser Extra" is stored in a special warehouse, separate from fertilizers and other chemicals. Only specialists should have access to it. Do not transport the chemical with food and animal feed.

In a sealed original packaging, the drug can be stored for at least two years from the date of manufacture, subject to compliance with the content requirements.

The optimum storage temperature is from -5 ⁰С to + 35 ⁰С.

Similar means

The analogs of the herbicide "Eraser Extra" include preparations:

  • Avantix Extra;
  • Ibis 100;
  • Irbis;
  • Ovsyugen;
  • "Ocelot";
  • "Scorpio";
  • "Tiger";
  • "Tigran";
  • "Fenoxop";
  • "Foxtrot";
  • Jaguar Super.

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